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It's A Tough Racket, This Blogging

"We finally beat a top 25 team on the road and you don't write about it?" -SJ Commentor

SJ is right. Shame on me. It's been a hectic few days sorting out a new gig and trying to find time for the dozens and dozens of loyal readers out there. My apologies, lets do our best to pretend it never happened? Kinda like how
Ohio State feels right about now.

Anyone else getting ready for Florida-USC in the title game next year? Speaking of, let's just go ahead and get ballsy. Here's my picks for the 2008 BCS:

West Virginia-Miami
Fiesta: Oklahoma-Hawaii
Nat'l Champ:

I have absolutely nothing to back up any of these predictions. Especially the Hawaii one...even I think I'm full of shit.