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Daryl Gross Is Allergic To Winning

That's the only conclusion I can come to these days for our athletic director. First he sets up a series of games with Texas. Now, Gross has a handshake deal with USC athletic director Mike Garrett for a two-game series in football and a two-game series in men's basketball.

On the basketball side of things, giddy up. As an LA-transplant, I'll be there for that game in a heartbeat. I wonder if
O.J. Mayo will stick around long enough to be a part of things (my

On the football side of things...sweet Christ! I mean, I'm all for getting my Orange out here for a little west coast exposure but couldn't we start with San Diego State at least? Hell, I'll even take my chances in the Rose Bowl with the Bruins. But to schedule the #1 program in the country whilst in the middle of rebuilding that still has two to three years to go after you've just entered into an arrangement with another one of the top ten programs in the country?

To be fair, Gross ruled out a game transpiring in 2008, or as we will come to know it, the season Syracuse fans dreamed of the days when they were 4-8. With games against Penn State, Notre Dame, Northwestern and Akron before you even step into the rejuvenated waters of the Big East, to add USC would be "suicidal." You think so, doctor? As-is, the 2008 schedule is coasting along at the "cutting-self-as-a-cry-for-help" stage.

So that probably sets us up for 2009 or 2010, which, doesn't seem as bad since we all assume that Greg Robinson's replacement will have righted the ship by then. I'm all for sitting at the big boys table (ugh, I'm starting to sound like Colin Cowherd) but let's just remember to pace ourselves. The Big East ain't getting any easier and we've got our hands full with those guys right now. Plus remember if I have to walk into the Coliseum decked head-to-toe in orange clothing, I'm gonna need a little incentive for that. Opposing fans have been maimed for less.