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Catching Up With The Cuse

Since I'm such an Johnny-Come-Lately here on Cuse b-ball, let's recap what's gone down in the last week through the help of the amazing process of...linking!

My thoughts were that Cuse played physical and hung with a good team. While the run at the end was admirable, it never really manifested itself into the Cuse looking like they were going to take over. In other words, they seemed unable, or unwilling, or cross the tipping point and win the game. Troubling, as the Big East schedule doesn't give any slack. We did see some promise from
The Hustle though.

Orange44 sums its up: The start of the Orange 2007 Big East Campaign was an interesting one. It perfectly illustrates the dichotomy of the Orange this season, possibly every season. Syracuse seems to have one half that they play to or beyond expectation and one half that they play well below expectation.


Holy crap! We beat a ranked opponent.

Cuse Country noted their pleasant surprised "by the first SU game I’ve watched all season that I never really thought we were in serious danger of losing. Sure, it was close. But the zone was working, everyone hit the boards, the half-court offense actually existed and there were even a number of really nice fast breaks."

Too bad Mike Jones left, he probably would've played in this one. Instead, he's apparently getting ready to make it official by
transferring to South Carolina. Have fun with that, hoss.