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Cardinal Sin

So I'm watching the Syracuse-Louisville game Saturday and I realize with about eight minutes to go that I'm watching very passively. We're up nine, I'm doing the crossword, we're up twelve, I'm reading a magazine, we're up fourteen and I'm flipping between the game and HBO's 1,363th showing of Spanglish this month. In other words, I didn't heed my own advice and I rested on this team before the final whistle.

So you can pretty much blame me for
the outcome. \

My wife sat down with me with about five minutes to go in the game. She commented that the "guys in white" looked like they were having fun and were excited and the other ones weren't. Also, that the white team's coach was energetic and the team was probably feeding off of that and Syracuse looked like they didn't care anymore and were just going through the motions. Mind you, she doesn't watch Syracuse basketball let alone any basketball, so her perspective, while painfully annoying at the time, was glaringly refreshing after the fact. Probably also doesn't help to have Devendorf pulling an anti-McNamara out there (To be fair, G-Mac has his share of bonehead finishes as well...Vermont anyone?).

The ship is Orange44 discusses Cuse's dwindling tourney hopes and it doesn't look good. The Orange only have a handful of games left against decent teams (Notre Dame, G'town, Villanova) and absolutely no room for error. We may find ourselves back in the Big East Tournament with our NCAA lives on the line. But we can't get ahead of ourselves...Notre Dame, UConn...hell, even South Florida are coming up and none of those games are gimmes anymore.