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Big East Power Pollin'

A little late this week but wanted to post the Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll:

This Week's Poll (first place votes in parenthesis):
1) Pittsburgh (16)
2) West Virginia (3)
3) Georgetown
4) Notre Dame
5) Connecticut
6) Providence
7) Syracuse
8) Marquette
9) DePaul
10) Villanova
11) Louisville
12) St. John's
13) Seton Hall
14) Cincinnat
15) Rutgers
16) South Florida

Big game last night as the
the 22nd-ranked Fighting Irish held on for a 61-58 victory over the 21st-ranked Mountaineers. The big games continue tonight as two beaten up teams, Uconn and Marquette, battle to right the ship. Pittsburgh travels to Chicago to take on a frisky DePaul. And of course, Cuse travels to the RAC to face Rutgers. More on that a big later.