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Big East Power Pollin' 1/29

It's been a while so lets see where the Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll is at: This Week's Poll (first place votes in parenthesis):

1) Pittsburgh (16)
2) Marquette (2)
3) Georgetown
4) Notre Dame
5) Louisville
6) West Virginia
7) Villanova
8) Syracuse
9) Providence

10) Connecticut
11) DePaul
12) St. John's
13) Seton Hall
14) South Florida
15) Rutgers
16) Cincinnati

Big mover: Louisville, up from #8 to #5 with wins over UConn and Syracuse.
Big dropper: Villanova and Syracuse both dropped two spots, falling back into the pack.
This Week's Huh?: UConn only drops one spot to #10 and remains ahead of DePaul and St. Johns despite doing nothing of note yet this year other than being named UConn.
Player of the Week: Dominic James. Marquette
Freshman of the Week: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova

In the AP and USAToday/ESPN polls, Pittsburgh holds steady at #7 in both, Marquette keeps sneaking up, currently at #14/#15, and Notre Dame rounds out the Big East involvement at #21/#19. Georgetown is on the verge of being ranked while West Virginia, Villanova and Louisville all received a few votes.

This week in the Big East, the mediocrity continues! Games of the week include:

Pittsburgh @ Villanova


Notre Dame @ Syracuse


West Virginia @ Rutgers


Georgetown @ St. John's


Louisville @ Villanova

Providence @ Marquette

DePaul @ Syracuse