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Best In Blog '06

Look all you want in the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards Nominees, you won't find TNIAAM. I blame the West Coast bias. But we are psyched to see Orange44 get some love as nominee for The Job Award (The blog that has suffered through its chosen team’s dismal season with the most dignity). I think we can sum all of that up best right about here.

You'll also see some of our Big East brethren involved. In the BCS category, the top Big East blogs have been called out as:

Blue-Gray Sky (Notre Dame)
Card Chronicle (Louisville)
The House Rock Built (Notre Dame)
Pitt Blather/Pittsburgh FanHouse (Pitt, duh)
Rakes of Mallow (Notre Dame, again)

Check'm out, show some love, and if you're upset at all those Notre Dame picks and a fan of Providence, Seton Hall, South Florida or Rutgers, get out there and blog...the world needs you, now more than last Tuesday, but not as much as next Friday. If you want to vote in this year's Awards, you have to be an active blogger (or an ex-blogger who can still point to a URL, I suppose), go here and vote!