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Because In Football, You Fail Upwards

We've created a strange news commentary system for ourselves. The glut of TV channels, Internet pages, newspapers, radio talk shows and crazy people standing on street corners, there's an endless need for talking heads to discuss a myriad of issues, no matter how qualified or justified. So many players and coaches trade in the uniform or the headset for a microphone or column these days, you're bound to have a lot of guys in the mix who have a very good reason for no longer wearing said uniform or headset.

Take Sean Salisbury, or just read this. If you were an NFL quarterback, would anything infuriate you more than to hear that Sean Salisbury is calling you out on national television for being shitty?

That leads us to these nuggets of fun from ESPN's Bob Davie. For the record, that's well-documented-failure-as-Notre-Dame-head-football-coach Bob Davie.

"When you lose to Michigan, you lose to USC and you lose to LSU in a bowl game by a significant score, there will be ramifications from that for Charlie Weis...I think the shine is off, to be quite honest. I know going around the country talking to football coaches, particularly head coaches, I think a little bit of the mystique is definitely off...Notre Dame has had two successful seasons, two BCS bowl games in a row, but I think it's hard to say that the program is really going in a positive direction right now.''

It's perfectly acceptable for one in the media to question Charlie Weis' tenure at Notre Dame so far and what he's accomplished. But if you're a recent predacessor of Weis' who is regarded as one of the worst coaches in the history of the school, I dunno, MAYBE you want to skip out when asked your opinion on such matters as to not seem like you're sour/jealous/bitter. Just a suggestion.