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You'll Rue The Day!...Rue The Day, Who Talks Like That?

For whatever reason, the head coaching positions at Alabama and Miami are still intriguing enough for a coach to leave a stable throne over which he perches.

Case in point, Rich Rodriguez. As much as we kid about the, um, intellectual prowess of West Virginia and its student body, you're telling me that the pros (yearly conference title contention, yearly national title consideration, solid recruiting base, inbred fanbase apt to throw fruit at opponents) are not good enough to compete with Alabama (5 coaches in 10 years, recruiting and sex scandals, inbred fanbase apt to throw fruit at YOU) or Miami (worst reputation in college football, thug mentality, players being murdered, inbred fanbase apt to stop giving a shit when you lose one game and just stay home and eat fruit)?

Regardless, apparently Rodriguez
is going to Alabama if reports are to be believe, and who doesn't trust reports? To hear that he won't even coach the Mountaineers in their bowl game is just, well, something I expect from a guy going to coach Alabama. Good luck, Rodriguez, see you back on the market in three years after you go 6-6 perennially.

Florida College Sports has a great rundown of the open Miami position and what's going on. Sounds like Mike Leach will have to keep putting up sixty points on D1-AA teams for another few years and it'll likely come down to a coordinator being promoted. I'm sure a lot of people (read: Miami fans) will sour on that but why not try to find the best person for the job, not just a high profile name for the sake of it? Oh and I absolutely love the Bernie Kosar idea. I demand that Vinnie Testaverde be his offensive coordinator and replace him six games into the season.