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Where's Dorf, And I Don't Mean Stephen

Eric Devendorf, the Preseason 2nd Team Big East player and heir to Gerry McNamara as team leader, only clocked nine minutes last night. What gives? Injury? Death in the family? Preparing to transfer to San Jose State?

According to Kim Baxter at the Syracuse Post-Standard, it's just a little cold.

Eric Devendorf is very sick. He's battling a stomach virus and has been since last Friday. Not sure how long he's going to be out and he refused to talk after the game.

Cuse Country puts it all in perspective:

Pray that this is the truth. Pray. Because when I watch this team on offense right now, I want to to stab myself in the face.

Get well, 'Dorf. We don't need any face-stabbings over Syracuse basketball. At least not until we play UConn.