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Where The Heisman Is Really Won...The Web

You can talk about statistics or big wins or plays that will live in our memories for eternity but let's face it, the Heisman Trophy race really only comes down to one thing: Your promotional website.

Let's take a look at the Heisman hopefuls and their sites to see if we can get a good idea:

Player: Darren McFadden
School: Arkansas
Website: The Darren McFadden Heisman Website really isn't a free-standing website at all. It's a couple of dedicated pages on the HogWired website. Sure it has handy links to stats and photos and decides right up front to refer to him via catchy nickname (D-Mac), but where's the love? Where's the craftsmanship? We're not trying to win a Groza here, people, we're trying to win the greatest trophy in the college landscape. Something that will elevate master McFadden to another level for the rest of his life.
Opening statement: "
He is Arkansas’ starting tailback and one of the premier running backs in the nation." Try not to knock yourself over with that enthusiasm, guys.
Look of the site: 3 (out of 10)
Information: 6 (out of 10)
Excitement conveyed: 3 (out of 10)
Overall: 3 (out of 10), very blah, not doing anything for me.

Player: Troy Smith
School: Ohio State
Website: The Troy Smith Website is also a section within the Ohio State site but from the get-go there's some flavor here. The changing photos breathes a little life to things and makes it feel like there's actually been some effort put forth. Love the quotes from people around the league...and I'm sure that Kirk Herbstreit quote is in now way biased AT ALL.
Opening statement: "Arguably the finest all-around quarterback in college football and unquestionably one of the game’s most dynamic leaders" Bang, Zoom, Poff!
Look of the site: 6
Information: 7
Excitement conveyed: 6
Overall: 6, oddly its the little things that make it so much better than McFadden's. Graphics, enthusiasm, biased-opinions of alumni.

Player: Brady Quinn
School: Notre Dame
Website: Best I could tell, this is it. Not flashy, not exciting and seems more concerned with winning the National Player of the Year Award than the Heisman. The gall on this kid.
Opening statement: "
A contender for college football's highest honors this season." Not exactly shoving their guy on a pedestal now, are we?
Look of the site: 4
Information: 3 (not right there where I need it)
Excitement conveyed: 3
Overall: 2, If you're not gonna talk about the Heisman, why should we talk about you. Take a hike.

Player: Colt Brennan
School: Hawaii
Website: Here's Colt and his schnazzy Photoshop banner. What it lacks in fundamentals it makes up for with a catchy, right-to-the-point "Why should I vote for a guy who doesn't play in the Continental United States" rundown.
Opening statement: "Broke the NCAA record for most TD passes in two seasons (now has 88) and is one TD pass shy of the NCAA single-season mark of 54 set by Houston's David Klingler in 1990. Klingler also held the two-season record of 83)" While I'm intrigued by the statistics, its never a good idea to use David Klingler as your measuring stick right off the bat.
Look of the site: 4
Information: 5
Excitement conveyed: 5 (maybe its just the colors...I still want to see more rainbow you guys)
Overall: 5, more exciting than anything Quinn or McFadden has going on.

As for other possibilities, I couldn't find anything official for Ray Rice. Rutgers so much effort into promoting Brian Leonard that they must've run out of funds. Same for the West Virginia duo of Steve Slaton and Pat White.

So there you have it, Troy Smith will win the Heisman but Colt Brennan will put up a better fight than you think. The kid's got panache...or at least his web designer does.