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Steve...Carl...We've Talked About This Before...

In honor of Fisher DeBerry, let's take a look and see what that other group of predominantly athletic black people are up to this basketball players.

The Syracuse basketball team (remember them?) continues their Monsters of Mediocrity Tour against Baylor on Saturday in the Dome. It goes without saying that Coach Boeheim is upset. He's awake, of course he's upset. But the focus of his ire has to be on the team's rebounding so far this year. The Orange have lost the rebounding battle in four of their last six games, and let's remember they haven't been playing Wichita State-caliber teams the entire time.

Boeheim also added this chilling reminder, nay, threat, of what is to come if this trend continues:

"Our big guys have got to do a better job inside. I guess talking ain't working."

I'm not sure exactly what Jim is implying but someone better check Jimmy's pockets during practice (Jump to 1:43 below to see what I'm gettin' at).

In other action Saturday, Wisconsin continues its attempt to cat a swath through the Big East elite, hosting undefeated Pittsburgh. Louisville and Kentucky meet for PitinoBowl '07, Notre Dame hosts 1-6 Elon and Marquette hosts Maryland-Baltimore City, who is hopefully not bringing any of The Wire cast-members with them.

We'll be back with another Big East Bloggers Poll on Monday. Go Cuse...and for the love of God keep Boeheim away from the fryer.