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Sometimes Its Better Not To Know

Some say that if you cheat on your significant other and it was a one-time indiscretion, you just shouldn't tell them. You feel so horrible you'll never do it again and rather than force that person to go through the pain of knowing, it might just be better to move on.

In other words, sometimes, its better not to know the things we don't need to know.

From the AOL Syracuse FanBlog:

San Jose State was the only school that offered [Colt] Brennan a scholarship. Syracuse coach Greg Robinson recruited him and initially offered a scholarship. But on the day the Syracuse paperwork arrived via courier at Brennan's home, Robinson called to tell him the school's president [Nancy Cantor] wouldn't allow it.

Yes, THAT Colt Brennan. I will now papercut my face while pouring orange juice in the wounds.