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NFL Network Bends Under the Mighty Fist of Rutgers

Did James Gandplfini make Roger Goodall an offer he couldn't refuse? We may never know, but lets hope the backroom negotiations didn't involved any Johnny Cakes.

Rutgers Nation rejoiced today as the NFL Network announced it will offer one week of its programming free to Cablevision and Time Warner Cable subscribers the week of December 24th - 30th. This means that the Texas Bowl, featuring Rutgers vs. Kansas State on Dec. 28, and the Insight Bowl, with Minnesota vs. Texas Tech on Dec. 29, will both be televised for a huge chunk of their fans.

This doesn't mean all is right with the NFL Network and the cable companies. Instead, it feels like a savvy play by the network to come off as the good guy in this battle, without giving up any of their prime programming like NFL games.

Time Warner is still balking at a demand from the NFL that the network be carried on the most widely available basic service lineup rather than as a premium channel. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like either side is really budging. Enjoy it while you can.