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My Weekend Wasn't As Exciting As Kirk's I'm Sure

I popped my cherry over the weekend and got my first link on Deadspin. It's the hope and dream of every fledgling mildly-sports-related blog. I kinda feel like Frodo after the ring was destroyed...NOW what the hell do I do?

I guess I just keep talking about Syracuse. So be it...

Demetris Nichols was a man of two halves in the Orange's 79-52 win over Colgate on Saturday. His career-high 28 points (18 of which came from beyond the arc) overcame Syracuse's continued rebounding issues. The Orange are struggling to find themselves in the paint, something they can get away with against Colgate but not once Big East play begins. (Although Paul Harris' body flop idea helps) The Orange take on Baylor (thankfully not Butler) Saturday.

Speaking of, the Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll (BEBWPP) returns with Pittsburgh solidifying their spot atop the conference despite nearly losing to Buffalo (!). Notre Dame tapped everyone on the shoulder and let them know they're for real, moving up to #4 from #8. The Cuse continued its slow and steady descent from #4 to #5.

1) Pittsburgh(16)
2) Connecticut
3) Marquette
4) Notre Dame
5) Syracuse
6) Villanova
7) Georgetown
8) Louisville
9) West Virginia
10) Providence
11) Seton Hall
12) DePaul:
13) Cincinnati
14) St. John's
15) South Florida
16) Rutgers

In the big boys polls, Notre Dame also makes their first appearance of the year, debuting at #23 in the AP. Continuing their trend of being totally out of touch with reality, the Irish just miss the ESPN/USAToday poll. Other Big East ranked teams include: Pittsburgh (#2, #2), UConn (#14, #8), Marquette (#20, #22) and Syracuse (#23, UNR).