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Miami Coaching Announcement Interrupts Herbstreit's Coke Binge

So Miami went internal and promoted defensive coordinator Randy Shannon to head coach yesterday. Probably the best move...getting a name for the sake of getting a name is usually more trouble than its worth.

But the story itself isn't the highlight. The highlight is the image of Kirk Herbstreit on the video clip that accompanies the story. He looks like he just woke up after an all-nighter at the Chi Omega House where he took turns doing Meister Brau kegstands and snorting lines off a sophomore's ass. His 6am wake-up call couldn't have been pleasant.

Kirk: ...hello?
ESPN: Kirk, where are you? We need you to do sixty seconds on Miami's new coaching hire.
Kirk: Get Merkin to do it.
ESPN: Who?
Kirk: Corso.
ESPN: There's no time, we need you Kirk.
Kirk: Fine, who did they hire?
ESPN: Randy Shannon.
Kirk: Randy WHO? Shut the fuck up. Call me back when they hire Barry Switzer.