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LA = Syracuse West

Welcome to those of you discovering TNIAAM for the first time via Donnie Webb's note on the SU Football blog. Thanks to Donnie for the shout-out.

For the uninitiated, here's the whole story of where the name of the site came from. Suffice it to say that once a phrase like that it seared into your frontal lobe, it never goes away.

We have no general agenda here, just to follow Syracuse athletics (and college sports in general) as best we can 2,694 miles away (that's from my current apartment to Brewster/Boland Resident Hall...seems as good a marker as any). The Cuse don't get out here much so we do what we can, using the Internets and eBays to our advantage. We do however promise much awkward Gerry McNamara gushing in the coming weeks as his Bakersfield Jam make their way down the coast, first to Anaheim and eventually to LA. UCLA, Lakers and Clippers be damned, I want to see some Jam!