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The Kids Today, With Thier Retro Uniforms That Never Were

Chances are if there's a website out there with an Ugly Uniform of the Day feature, you're not going to have to wait long to see the Syracuse Orange football team. College and Pro Ball is that website with that feature and lo and behold they featured the Cuse recently.

If it weren't for that swoosh, and that Big East logo, you'd think they got these straight out of an old abandoned locker room. I'm sorry, but only some schools can get away with old school. Penn State can get away with it, because they've never changed. Alabama can get away with a number on the helmet. Syracuse, on the other hand, moved away from this type of uniform, only to go back. Granted, they never had a design on the helmet until they put the numbers on these helmets. But, this is just an attempt to be hip gone awry. Just a little bit (not a lot) of white trim would go a long way. Instead, they have these odd-looking things.

I agree with his assessment but I do take issue with the second paragraph. As we Cusians know, Orangeman WAS an Indian nickname but back before it was trendy to change your school's Indian nickname to something involving a rain cloud, Cuse just changed the meaning of the word. Then, when they wised up and realized it wasn't good for branding to have seven nickname possibilities and fourteen logos out there, they cleaned things up. Is "Orange" still a little weird? Sure. But in a conference that features the Hoyas and Red Storm and up until recently the Hokies, I'll take my chances with Orange.

And for the record, we tried the all-orange uniforms...let's just move on and not talk about it, m'kay?