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Jim Boeheim Hates Cinderella

The New York Post headline reads Boeheim Wary of Cinderellas, which implies that Coach B has a long-standing hatred of 80's hair metal bands and Disney characters, or the less likely option that he's concerned about the rise of the mid-major-conference foes. Someone like, oh I don't know, Wichita State perhaps???

Join by Rick Pitino and on the heels of some strange basketball polls this week, the two coaches cut right to the chase:

"I just don't think the media is up to snuff on those teams," said Pitino. "The coaches are and the players are, but the guys voting still have to understand there is outstanding basketball played all over the country."

Thankfully for both of them there are no mid-major conference teams at the Jimmy V Classic tonight, only overrated, inferior power conference teams. Syracuse (7-1) will face Oklahoma State (9-0) at 7 p.m. and Louisville (2-1) takes on Arizona (5-1) at 9:30.

Oklahoma State's record looks more imposing than it is, they haven't really played anyone yet. It's strange to have a big game in December involving Syracuse and be able to say that the Orange have more big game experience so far. We'll see if the lessons of Wichita State are learned. The good news is that the Orange thrive at the Garden. The bad news is that statistics like that are dumb and irrelevant.