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Is The Big East Officially A Football Conference With A Basketball Problem?

Something to ponder as you wait for UConn to play someone from Division 1-A.

The latest BEBWPP is in from the Big East Basketball Report:

1) Pittsburgh (12) (10-1)
2) Connecticut (3) (9-0)
3) Notre Dame (2) (8-1)
4) Marquette (10-2)
5) Syracuse (9-2)
6) Villanova (7-2)
7) Georgetown (7-3)
8) West Virginia (8-1)
9) Louisville (5-4)
10) Providence (7-2)
11) DePaul (6-5)
12) Seton Hall (6-1)
13) Cincinnati (7-3)
14) St. John's (6-3)
15) South Florida (7-1)
16) Rutgers (5-5)

Some notable differences from the previous week, Pittsburgh lost 5 1st place votes between UConn and Notre Dame. While the loss knocked them from the ranks of unbeaten, losing to the #5 team in the country doesn't warrant dropping a team from #1 in my book. Notre Dame leapfrogged Marquette for the #3 slot and Louisville dropped one spot after getting shellacked by Kentucky. The bottom five stayed the same.

In the AP and ESPN/USAToday polls, UCLA maintained its #1 spot, followed by North Carolina and Ohio State. Pittsburgh fell to 7th in both polls while UConn was still floating outside the top ten at #14/#11 respectively. Other Big East teams in the polls were Marquette (#19/#21), Notre Dame (#20/UNR) and Syracuse (#23/UNR).

Some other Big East News and Notes:

Courtesy of Card Chronicle, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that a few crazies are calling for Rick Pitino's head in Louisville. Times are tough and the football team has stolen all the thunder, but gimme a break, you were in the Final Four a few years ago and the guy has a bit of a track record for not wallowing in mediocrity for too long (at least on the college level).

And while I'm sure Rutgers will find no problem making room in the budget for Greg Schiano's daily back massages and hot oil foot-rubs next season, the school eliminated men's swimming and diving, men's heavyweight and lightweight crew, men's and women's fencing and men's' tennis due to budget constraints.