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Insert Dragon-Slaying Ineptitude Comment Here

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Considering the tardiness of which I'm entering the Drexel over Syracuse discussion, I figure its best to just lead you to the disturbed discussions already taking place out there...

OrangeHoops rubs salt in the wounds by pointing out the possible similarities between this team and a disappointing 1999 Cuse team. And then he lets loose on the current squad, while praising his usual free-throw whipping boy Terrence Roberts who finally had a solid game. It's been that kind of season so far.

Cuse Country is a veritable treasure trove of information and bitter retort about the game, starting with a fancy graphical breakdown of the game, segueing into what I will refer to as the "Matt Gorman is completely freaking terrible, I want to make this absolutely clear" post, ending with some solid discussion about what's going wrong. It's like the Syracuse basketball version of 12 steps.

And I'll leave it to Orange44's Matt Glaude to sum it up best:

Dear Syracuse University Athletics: Stop ruining my life. I'm serious; all this losing needs to stop. If such results continue, I'm going to bill you for the hardened liver I now own due to consequential medicinal binge drinking.

Amen brother.