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I Don't Think USC's Ready For This Jelly

The USC football team lost a bid at the National Championship but at least all of the players kept their ocular cavities in one piece. Not so lucky was USC fan Daniel Crowson who was apparently attacked by ten UCLA fans after the Bruins' upset win.

This was no ordinary crosstown-rivalry beatdown...this one ended with
the loss of an eyeball. Crowson's wife recounted the sight of her husband post-beating:

"I see my husband come around the front of the car, covered in blood and just adrenaline-pumped, and screaming and saying, 'They hit me with a bottle, they hit me with a bottle,'" she said. "The glass that hit his eye went through every layer of eye, severing it all, all the way to the jelly."

Um...Go Bruins???

Source - KCAL via Deadspin