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How Many Miles To Bakersfield from Scranton?

You know, I really hope Gerry McNamara's parents use their American Express Gold card every time they buy gas traveling between Bakersfield from Scranton. Think of the member points they can rack up. Couple more games and its Hello GolfSmith Putting Machine!

While his team hasn't done much in the win column, Gerry has had a pleasant return to American basketball so far. In his second game, he put together a 19-point performance in a 120-117 double-overtime loss to the Tulsa 66ers (can we petition for the Syracuse NBDL team to be called the 44erers?).

While some people seem to think Gerry's wasting his time before doing the inevitable, doors keep opening in Bakersfield. It seems that Mac's gotten into the league just in time to get some All-Star consideration. He can only be entered as a write-in vote so get over to the ballot box and help sabotage the great democratic failure that is All-Star voting by picking Gerry for the big game (in Vegas, no less!).

(Ed. Note - I tried finding the write-in box on the ballot but to no avail. If you can figure it out, let me know)