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Hey Robinson, This Is How Its Done

I'm not one for recruiting updates. There's so many sites out there that do these kinds of things so well already. And I'll be honest with you, until you actually put on the orange uni, I'm not gonna waste time worrying about you (ahem, Winifred Walton).

That said, it's hard to ignore all the attention Jim Beoheim's 2007 recruiting class is getting.

I'm talking about Donte Green, the Baltimore native who plays AAU ball on Carmelo Anthony's Team Melo when he's not averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds a game at Towson Catholic High School. Last year Greene averaged 23 points, 12 rebounds, four assists and four steals per game and led his school to the state finals.

I'm talking about Rick Jackson and the sublimely named Scoop Jardine who have been described as the "Stockton and Malone" of Neumann-Goretti High in Philadelphia, assumedly not because one is a dick and the other is a gun nut. These two guys not only bring their own talents to Syracuse next year but they also bring a chemistry that's been honed for five years. You just can't teach that kind of familiarity.

It's something you can always appreciate about matter what's going on this season there's always hope right around the corner. By no means am I writing off the 2006-2007 team, there's still a long way to go, but I can't wait to see what next year will look with these guys alongside Paul Harris et al.