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The Good News Is That Our FT% Will Be Better

Mike Waters over at the Post-Standard is reporting that Terrence Roberts and his bruised left knee will likely miss tonight's game against Hofstra. Roberts hurt his knee coming down from a rebound in the first half of the loss to Drexel.

The good news is that while Drexel took advantage of Robert's absence with their powerful interior game, the Pride of Hofstra are more guard-focused and start only only player taller than 6'5.

I just hope this doesn't derail Terrence's shot at history. I remember when Elvir Ovcina would hang out at the three-point line and somehow, someone would throw him the ball and he'd consider shooting. Like an instinctive flock, the entire student section screamed "NO!!!" We're getting very close to doing the same thing every time Roberts steps to the foul line.