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Gino Toretta Is Rolling Over In His Grave

The winds of change are blowing through Coral Gables. Let's check in on those Crazy Canes, shall we?

As if their coaching staff wasn't already up in enough upheaval (Head coach fired, D-coordinator is the new head coach, O-coordinator hightails it for Arizona State, Kirk Herbstreit gets headache), now it seems there is a traitor among them. Offensive Line Coach Mario Cristobal has
accepted the head coaching job at FIU...yes, THAT FIU. As if this powder keg of bitter, traditional, historical rivalry needed anything else. I really hope The U made sure Cristobal signed some kind of non-disclosure form before he left, who knows what kind of helmet-tossing technique implementations were already in place for next year's brawl?

Thank God for the MPC Computer Bowl and what little stability it brings to an unstable world. It'll be nice to get all the fans out to sunny, non-descript Boise, Idaho for New Years Eve, away from the drudgery of South Florida and its neon lights, rippling abs and
passion. Oh, Miami fans might not be interested in such an idea? I cannot fathom the notion.