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G-Mac's West Coast Tour Begins!

It's official, G-Mac is a Jammer, er, Jams Player, er, Jammy?

McNamara was signed by the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA Development League today. As we know, McNamara was playing in Greece but was granted his release from the team after lack of playing time.

According to the article, McNamara is expected to arrive in Bakersfield late tonight and begin practicing with the team on Wednesday, which is odd cause of that photo over there to the left. The 1-5 Jam's next game is Saturday when the Jam plays host to the 3-5 Anaheim Arsenal.

I don't know dick about the NBADL so I decided to look into things. Apparently there's a team in Los Angeles, which is interesting because, I live in Los Angeles. Is it disturbing that I live in a city with two professional basketball teams and the #1 college basketball team in the country and I'm more excited to see the Bakersfield Jam play the (good God...) on January 28th?

The Jam are affiliated with the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings, whatever that's worth to you.

For those transplanted Cuse fans across this great land, make sure you take full advantage of your chance to see G-Mac's triumphant return. The team, coached by "legend" Jim Harrick, also features G'town 2006 grad Brandon Bowman and Brian Collins, whom the team site claims graduated from "College" in 2006.

Upcoming Bakersfield Jam Schedule
@ Tulsa December 19th and 22nd
@ Arkansas December 23rd
@ Albuquerque December 27th
vs. Los Angeles December 29th
@ Anaheim December 30th