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G-Mac Watch 2006

Scorned by his Greek basketball team, Gerry McNamara returned to the comfy confines of the Carrier Dome this weekend to take in the Syracuse-Wichita State game and get some much needed love from the fans.

G-Mac is preaching patience for himself in his quest not just to make the NBA but to get a little PT in there beforehand.

"I have to stay confident. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my confidence over there when I wasn’t playing. It’s different at the professional level. Everyone can play at the professional level, and it’s about those veteran guys that have proven themselves. And, a guy like me will get the second shot, and when I get that shot I have to prove myself."

While Gerry he's already received offers to play overseas or here in the states and is currently weighing his options, the Boston Globe is a little more specific saying that G-Mac is likely to sign with the
NBA Development League's Bakersfield Jam. Former UCLA/URI coach and shady character Jim Harrick is the coach of the Jam, and G-Mac's agent Bill Neff says McNamara thinks that's the way to go.

Also chiming in is Celtics GM Danny Ainge who has this to say of McNamara's pro chances:

"In the right conditions, I think he can be an NBA player. He can shoot. He's tough. So, yeah,he could be an NBA player."

Thanks for the sorta-kinda-non-committal thoughts, Danny.

And while we're at it, if knowing the current status of Otis Hill's basketball career (he's in Poland) or knowing how many points-per-game Damone Brown is averaging in Japan (20.7) is your thing, do yourself a favor and check in with Cuse Country on a weekly basis. They're doing the Lord's work over there (assuming the Lord is an Orange fan with a passion for knowing that Preston Shumpert isn't getting the PT he deserves). I had wanted to start up a Where Are They Now type feature and maybe I still will one day but for right now they've cornered the market.