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For The Obnoxious Public Policy Major In Your Life...

The holidays are fast approaching. It's a time of cheer and a time of love. It's also the time of year that you usually start tricking yourself into thinking the Syracuse basketball team is a legitimate Final Four contender. Thankfully, the team has done us a favor and quelled that discussion, at least until we beat Pittsburgh, but that still leaves that whole holidays thing.

SUAthletics was kind enough to share the love of Syracuse Photos, a collection of framed photographs of and about the University. Putting aside that the main photo underneath the menu is clearly from 1996-97 (Quentin Spotwood???), there's some nice photos to choose from, especially if you're a tuba enthusiast or a dirty old man.

My favorite photo is this one though. You can imagine the kind of smug, cardigan-wearing public policy major who buys a framed photo of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and puts it over his desk, pointing it out to everyone who comes by as the place where he and his favorite politics professor exchanged thoughts on US foreign policy over a $6 muffin he bought at Kimmel Food Court. He probably also still has a Maxwell bumper sticker proudly displayed on his car even though he graduated in 1994. I hate him.

Maybe I'm just bitter cause I spent most of my afternoons in the food court stuffing my face with two of those Sbarros lasagna-on-pizza slices before Econ class. God I miss college, the only time in my life that a slice of pizza was a side dish.

Sorry, I don't know how I got here...