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All Depends On If You Like Your Orange Burnt Or Not

The rumor mill is abuzz (sorry, been reading too much Star Magazine) that the Orange are trying to pin down the Texas Longhorns, they of a recent National Title, for a football game in 2008. Donnie Webb over at the Post-Standard vaguely mentioned the possibility last week and today he breaks down the possible timing and the fun that might come from Greg Robinson's UT past.

Over at the
SU Fanhouse, the thoughts are a little less cordial.

For years, Syracuse has taken the position that it will not schedule Division 1-AA opponents or other meaningless "guarantee" victories. With the potential addition of Texas to the Orange schedule, Syracuse is adopting a potentially suicidal mentality of attempting to mature and rebuild not through victories, but rather through a baptism by fire. It is an aggressive approach that most colleges and universities -- especially those participating in the SEC -- refuse to adopt.

Looking at the schedule as it currently stands, the 2008 slate already features Penn State, Notre Dame and Northwestern. By adding Texas to a schedule that includes the aforementioned teams as well as West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and FriskySouth Florida...well...apparently Syracuse has back-to-back-to-back top recruiting classes in the last three years and no one told me. Cause otherwise, you'd be out of your fucking gourd to play a schedule like that (Just ask USC).