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The Wright Stuff

Art Monk. Donovan McNabb. Pearl Washington. Gerry McNamara. They are names synonymous with the success of the Syracuse sports programs. No Cuse fan can look back on the last thirty years and imagine the landscape of Orange basketball and football without them in it. Apparently, no fan can imagine the last thirty years without Rick Wright either, even if they have no idea who he is.

For the past thirty-one years, Wright has been an academic advisor for the football and basketball teams and an integral part in the recruiting process. As a radio and television professor at the Newhouse Communications School, Wright's interest in fostering the growth of the young men who think about attending Syracuse has led to the landing of more star players than you and I realize.

"If there was a vote on the best recruiter at any university or selling a car, whatever it is, he would have been the best," McNabb said. "He's so Syracuse-like, there was no other school that was better; there was no other class that was better."

When not teaching on-air broadcast techniques to current center Darryl Watkins and forward Demetris Nichols, Wright hosts "Old School Sundays" on Syracuse's Power 1069 radio, where he interviews athletes and discusses the athletic program.

So next time a star recruit signs on with Greg Robinson's "vision" of the future and you can't figure out how or why, there's a good chance you have Rick Wright to thank for it.

Source: Daily Orange