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Wait, They Still Play the Orange Bowl?

So everyone and thier mother (assuming thier mother blogs) is talking about the BCS, the implications of this weekend, the possibilities of this upcoming weekend and the chances of seeing college football's version of Trinidad and Tobago playing for the World Cup.

However, everyone's so focused on what the title game is going to be like that no seems to be stopping to think about how the rest of the major bowls will play out. Using the trust TNIAAM Bowlatron 5000, we sift through the numbers to figure out exactly where the conferences stand and how the bowls will shake out:

Who is bowl eligible? Wake Forest, Maryland, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Clemson
Who is close? Florida State (5-5) and Miami (5-5)
What kind of year was it for the conference? It was too long ago that the answers to those two questions above would be swapped. How the mighty have fallen...and although many people scoff at the ACC because of it, I put my deep-seeded hatred for the ACC aside and respect the fact that it has five solid teams atop the division at the moment. It might not be the strongest conference, but top-to-bottom it might be the most even.
Who will win it? The winner of Wake-Maryland will go up against Georgia Tech. I see Wake making it, but ultimately the Yellow Jackets take the crown and the automatic bid.
Is there another BCS hopeful? No.

Big East
Who is bowl eligible? Rutgers, Louisville, West Virginia, South Florida, Pittsburgh
Who is close? Cincinnati (5-5), UConn (4-5)
What kind of year was it for the conference? Say what you will but this has been a best case scenerio for the conference. All the talk at the beginning of the year was about undefeated West Virginia and undefeated Louisville. It's not November 13th and all we can talk about is...undefeated Rutgers! The conference has three teams in the Top 15 and two in the BCS Top 8 and an outside shot at a National Title contender. Someone wake up Syracuse and let them know the Big East is back!
Who will win it? I'm sorry to rain on everyone's parade but I actually believe West Virginia will beat Rutgers on November 19th, thereby winning the conference on account of thier higher BCS rank. Sorry everyone.
Is there another BCS hopeful? Realistically no.

Big Ten
Who is bowl eligible? Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Purdue, Iowa
Who is close? Indiana (5-6), Minnesota (5-6)
What kind of year was it for the conference? Decieving. Ohio State and Michigan are juggernauts for sure. Wisconsin has been solid in only a way that Wisconsin can do (read: boring). Otherwise, the 2nd tier of the conference doesn't scare anyone and the 2rd tier of the conference is downright awful, including the disaster known as Michigan State football.
Who will win it? Ohio State in a low-scoring close win over Michigan.
Is there another BCS hopeful? Michigan will get the Rose Bowl bid as a consolation prize, unless they end up in the championship game.

Big 12
Who is bowl eligible? Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Missouri, Okalhoma State, Texas Tech
Who is close? Kansas (5-5)
What kind of year was it for the conference? The essence of mediocrity. Texas revealed itself to be a paper ranking while historical powers Nebraska and Oklahoma sputtered along in "good not great" territory. Missouri has thier chance and blew it, same with Texas A&M. Only Kansas State really took a step back in the right direction, amazing what one win can do for you.
Who will win it? Texas, almost by default.
Is there another BCS hopeful? God no.

Who is bowl eligible? USC, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, Arizona State
Who is close? Arizona (5-5), UCLA (5-5)
What kind of year was it for the conference? Has to be considered slightly disappionting to the other nine teams not called the Trojans. It was expected that someone other than USC would be in the National Title picture other than USC by now (Ahem, Cal...) but its the same old story. It's not over yet though, if Arizona and the Bruins can pull through, 8 of the 10 teams will be bowl eligible and that's pretty damn good.
Who will win it? Let's say Cal.
Is there another BCS hopeful? USC

Who is bowl eligible? Florida, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama
Who is close? South Carolina (5-5)
What kind of year was it for the conference? Living up to its self-imposed reputation as the toughest conference in the nation, only one team will emerge with 1-loss, and even that might not happen. Arkansas made "the leap," picking up the slack for an ailing Georgia. Florida re-emerged as a conference power while Auburn, Tennessee and LSU all made thier cases season long. Now if only Alabama could get it together...
Who will win it? Florida
Is there another BCS hopeful? Arkansas. Maybe Auburn? Maybe LSU?

Special Consideration
Notre Dame - Anytime there's a Notre Dame team with two losses or less, they will warrant a place in this discussion. We'll see how that USC game plays out.

Boise State - They actually picked a great year to pull the undefeated schtick. After last weekend exposed some fakers, it doesn't really seem like thier inclusion in the BCS would knock out a "worthy" team.

The Bowl Picture

What I said on October 23rd:

Rose: Cal vs. Ohio State
Fiesta: USC vs. Auburn
Orange: Georgia Tech vs. Louisville
Sugar: Forida vs. West Virginia
BCS Chmapionship: #1 Michigan vs. #2 Texas

What I say now (November 13th):

Rose Bowl: Cal vs. Michigan
Sugar Bowl: USC vs LSU
Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Boise State
BCS Championship: #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Florida