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Too Bad There Wasn't A Pass/Fail Option

The Daily Orange, bastion of all things noteworthy to Syracuse students when they're not doing the crossword puzzle during Geology 121, has released final grades for the football team. While I appreciate thier thoughts, I find it hard to believe that for the most part the team is nestled in B/B- territory, with only the Offensive Line taking the brunt of thier anger and earning an F. Even Robinson only comes away with a C. Unless the editors have an Econ class with Perry Patterson, I don't really understand the need for all the niceities.

They're a little more forthcoming with the truth in thier explanations, especially for Coach Robinson:
It was Robinson's job to at least make Syracuse competitive in Year Two. While the schedule was harder than people think (USF beat West Virginia, Cincinnati beat Rutgers), most of the games were not close.

They also note that the Orange finished "with
current national rankings of No. 110 in offense and No. 107 in defense," which again raises the question, exactly what the hell is Robinson talking about when he says he's happy with the perception of Syracuse football and where its going???