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Thursdays? More like Big Easturdays.

I'm as big a Big East homer as they come and even I can't defend the claim that the Big East is elite when its two biggest games of the new century are both being played on a Thursday. Enough already, leave Thursday to the Boise States and Toledos of the world and get back to playing football when the big boys play.

That big is tonight's game between Louisville and Rutgers?

Rutgers will make their first ever appearance in a game where both teams are ranked, and Louisville is 8-0 for the first time since 1925. - ESPN

Louisville's got the pedigree, the battle-tested QB and the swagger of being #3 in the country. Rutgers has the Heisman darkhorse (and onetime Cuse recruit) RB, home field and tons less pressure to prove anything to the BCS. Let's face it, even if they win out, Rutgers ain't getting bumped ahead of a TWO loss SEC team for the National Championship.

Having grown up outside of New Brunswick, I can imagine it must be a strange and weird feeling for Rutgers "fans." Win or lose, I fully expect Knight followers to meet up at the Grease Trucks tonight to eat copious amounts of friend foods stacked upon each other.

That said, Louisville has spent the last week hearing nothing but reasons why they don't belong in the title game. Why they're a paper champion, a novelty, no better than Boise State. I expect that to carry over into tonight's game and unfortunately for the Big East and for the Rutgers administration who has been waiting years for this kind of exposure, it won't be pretty.

Louisville 42 - Rutgers 20