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This Ain't Over, JoePa...

Heading doctor's advice, JoePa will miss his first Penn State game since 1977 to rest from his injury last weekend.

The kids over at Fire Joe Paterno have to feel like this is a step in the right direction. However, in looking at the only other times Joe has missed games, a deadly pattern emerges...

[Paterno] missed one game as an assistant in 1955 after his father died.

They killed his father. Big mistake.

Paterno had missed only one game in his 41-year head-coaching career -- after his son, David, was involved in an accident.

First his father. Now his son. It's Time To Even The Score!

Paterno had surgery Sunday to repair a fractured shinbone and two torn knee ligaments in his left leg.

Now justice will have a...leg up.