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Something Wichita This Way Comes

The Orange are 7-0 as of right now, but really that's a non-story. With a line-up that includes Colgate, Northeaster and UTEP, it would be shocking if they weren't. But it doesn't mean that it can't be a "troubling" 7-0.

Cuse did just enough to win Monday night, defeating Holy Cross 72-64. This is on the heels of less-than-impressive wins over Charlotte and Canisius. Foul trouble, poor shooting and sluggish defense are becoming the trademarks of this team and we aren't even close to Big East play yet. Someone unrelated to Cuse basketball would probably scoff at concern over these games by saying the team is still gelling and working itself out. However, a seasoned Syracuse fan knows what this means when they see it and it means that the Orange are due for a serious wake up call soon. Soon meaning Saturday.

17th-ranked Wichita State comes-a-callin' December 2nd off of back-to-back wins over Final Four darling George Mason and 6th-ranked LSU. Between that game and the December 5th game with 7-0 Oklahoma State, we'll know everything we need to know about these guys. And you know what, if they lose both, maybe that's good thing. So many years the Orange have cruised through November and December, only to be rudely awakened by UConn or Pittsburgh or whoever come January. Perhaps it would be better to get slapped around early so that by the time Pittsburgh comes to town on January 4th, we might not be the best team possible but at least we won't be preoccupied with meaningless things like being undefeated.

(Speaking of, make sure you check out Orange Hoops rundown of undefeated-to-start-the-season Cuse teams. If for no other reason than to remember a time when Todd Burgan was our fearless leader and the world was a better place for it)

Whatever happens, just keep these coming...