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Seperating the Known Knowns from the Unknown Unknowns

"There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns."
-Donald Rumsfeld

Master of the English language, Donald Rumsfeld, is stepping down at Secretary of Defense but before he goes, we'll use his greatest piece of Rumsfeld-speak to describe the current situation in the National Championship picture.

The Known Knowns

Rutgers is
Contrary to what every college football in the country would have told you before this week, it was still possible for all those one-loss Top Ten teams to lose, and a bunch did.
Texas, Cal and Auburn are out of the Title picture.
The followings are still undefeated: Ohio State, Michigan, Rutgers, Boise State
The following teams still only have one-loss and still have National Title hopes: Florida, Notre Dame, USC, Arkansas

The Known Unknowns
The upcoming games will knock a few of these teams out for sure (assuming these teams don't lose otherwise). USC vs. Notre Dame. The SEC Championship (Florida vs. Arkansas). And of course, Ohio State vs. Michigan.
Boise State has no shot at the Title.
If the only losses incurred are to each other, these 8 teams will be whittled down to 6 (the loser of Ohio State-Mich is still in the picture).

Rutgers has no easy task ahead with West Virginia, USC still has Cal and UCLA, Arkansas doesn't have a cakewalk by any means either.
The point? If Ohio State beats Michigan soundly, USC loses to Cal but beats Notre Dame, Arkansas loses before the SEC Championship but beats Florida...then we may very well see Ohio State play Rutgers for the National Title. Just the kind of absurd notion we need for a college season that was supposed to be a sure thing.