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Return Of The Mac

Via Cuse Country, the Syracuse Post-Standard is reporting that Gerry McNamara's stint in Greece is over. G-Mac asked for and was granted his release from the Greek basketball team Olympiakos B.C., according to his agent.

McNamara had played less than sixty seconds overall in five games when the team brought in another point guard to fill in a roster spot for injured star Arvydas Macijauskas. McNamara collected about half of his $200,000 contract but it wasn't clear if that's his to keep or if he'll have to give some of it back. Hopefully, he hasn't bought the chrome rims for his Excursion just yet.

McNamara's agent says the most likely outcome is that G-Mac will try to catch on with an NBDL team in hopes of making it to the NBA. Of course, McNamara was also the first pick in the 2006 USBL draft by the mysteriously named NEPA Breakers, who play in Gerry's hometown of Scranton. I can imagine that wouldn't sound all too appealing for the hometown boy who made good, only to return home and play games at Lackawanna College, being cheered by a couple hundred people who have seen him play in front of thousands.

Will keep you posted...