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Orange You Glad It's Basketball Season?

Proving he is the greatest African-American coach in all the land, Jim Beoheim notched his 727th, 728th and 729th victories over the weekend as Syracuse cruised to victories over St. Francis, Penn and UTEP, respectively, at the Black Coaches Association Invitational. Eric Devendorf and Demetrius Nichols have emerged as the two main scoring threats and messiah-in-training Paul Harris is slowly dipping his toe in the waters and building up some worthwhile experience. There were a few shooting and defensive lapses but nothing to get all worked up about. Count your blessings]Cuse fans, it could be a lot worse, you could be Northwestern. Next up for the Cuse is Northeastern at home (of course) on Wednesday.

The Orange are still playing football as well it seems. It was only six weeks ago the season felt like a chance at redemption for the players and especially the coaches. They were 3-3 and about to make a run at a bowl game. Now, we're a speed bump on Rutgers ride to glory. In the interim, the team got a free weekend in Tampa with the unfortunate aside that they had to play, and lose to, South Florida 27-10. As the article is so kind to point out, that means Greg Robinson has yet to win a Big East game at Syracuse (3-7). Also, Syracuse has "lost 12 straight conference games and hasn't scored more than 17 points in any of the losses."

The Cuse gets thier best chance at winning a Big East game against UConn this weekend and then the mighty powerhouse that is Rutgers football invites the Orange into thier backyard for a warm-up before facing West Virginia.

By the way, in a world where websites excist calling for the firing of Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, this took way too long, no?