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If Both Teams Aren't Undefeated, Why Should We Care?

Continuing thier dominance over all things Thursday night football, The Big East pits, um, Pitt against West Virginia in the Hey No One's Unefeated Or Anything But You May Have Heard We Don't Really Like Each Other Just Like Those Two Teams Playing in Ohio This Weekend But We're On Thursday So You Can Watch Us Or The Biggest Loser, It's Up To You Bowl.

Honestly, that's still better than the Poulon Weedeater Bowl.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the Mountaineers are still #8 in the BCS and play Rutgers for the Big East title next week. Chances are, the forgotten one-loss team in the conference will be the one representing the conference come January.

Pitt was 6-1 at one point on its way to being a frisky 9-3 to complete a solid rebound season. But a freak loss to UConn and a loss to South Florida, the team is 6-4 and playing the Mountaineers and Cardinals back-to-back. Speaking of, South Florida seems to have leapfrogged the Panthers quietly, but that's a story for another time.

ANYway, West Virginia should walk with this one, setting up a grand finale for the best Big East season ever.
Glad Syracuse showed up this season to watch.