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For Your Viewing Pleasure

A couple videos to get your mind off of Michigan-Ohio State for a while.

First up, courtesy of Deadspin and Wizard of Odds is there anything that grabs your attention from Michigan's success than enjoying Michigan State's failure? Earlier this year, a local sports jock named Mike Valenti went on a tirade after the Spartans handed Notre Dame a victory in a poorly played game. Valenti's rant was shocking, not so much for the sense of betrayel in his voice and the contempt for which he holds the entire team but moreso because you don't really think that there's anyone out there who could possibly care that much about Michigan State football. YouTube was made for things like this...a video compliation put to the soundtrack of the dulcet tones of The Mike Valenti Project:

Next up, a wonderful video courtesy of Deadspin and EDSBS showing what West Virginia quarterback Pat White thinks about the Pitt cheers during last night's 45-27 victory.