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ESPN Unleashes The Lunardi

Joe Lunardi, the poor man's Mel Kiper Jr., is back with his inaugural Bracektology seedings. Nothing too exciting at this point since, just like the polls, its irrelevant nonsense to guess these kinds of things. Florida, Kansas, UCLA and North Carolina default into the #1 seeds. The Big East is represented by 8 teams: Georgetown (#3), Marquette (#5), UConn (#6), Villanova (#7), Louisville (#6), Pittsburgh (#2) and Syracuse (#8). Cuse also has a nice "rising" arrow next to thier names, which means Joe actually thought Cuse was a #9 or #10 seed before watching them dispatch the Penn Quakers.

Clearly Joe sees this as a down year for the Big East. Mostly middling seeds and he even goes out of his way to say Syracuse must suck. I guess its still better than Dick Vitale's Bracketology. Who knew Duke and North Carolina could fill all four #1 seeds?