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The End Is Extremely Fightin' Nigh!

Forget about USC's home winning streak, Duke's losing streak and any other streak of interest in college football. The biggest of them all is about to end and the apocalypse is approaching...Notre Dame is playing a football game and it will not be on TV this weekend. The last time such a travesty befell our nation? 1992. Which is...wierd, since Notre Dame was actually pretty good back then. You'd have thought NBC would have dropped some of those games from the Bob Davies Era, but, there you go.

So why, on this night, will we not watch Notre Dame football when on all other nights we do watch Notre Dame football?

"The home team controls where the games are broadcast. CSTV has the rights to the game through its contract with the Mountain West Conference. Air Force is a conference member."

First our military demoralizes the Iraqi people. Now, Irish fans. Is no one safe?