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Conference Championship Conundrum

Conference championship games have been accused of being many things, least of which being soulless grabs at extra cash by universities. Often times, they even work against the conferences holding themselves. Just ask the Big 12 who has screwed itself out of a participant in the National Championship on more than one occasion because of their title game.

Well now you can add one more label to them...absolutely meaningless.

The Frank Solich-led Ohio Bobcats and Central Michigan Chippewas will play tonight for the MAC Championship in a game that has about the same implications as if the game were played on a PlayStation3. Why is that? Central Michigan has already accepted an invitation to the Motor City Bowl (someone wake up their webmaster) and Ohio has already accepted an invite from the GMAC Bowl (who has a much better webmaster). So no matter who wins the game tonight, no matter who wins the MAC and no matter the final outcome of every category possible for this evening, this game has officially ceased the need to exist. The only real rooting interest for fans of either school is to hope no one gets injured.

So to recap...the NCAA won't allow playoff games that fairly determine the best teams because they are an unnecessary addition to a grueling schedule that takes students away from classes but they'll happily let two teams play a mid-week game that takes them out of class for at least two days that has absolutely zero implications and nothing to be gained? My brain is eating itself.

Oh, if you play fantasy college football, you might want to bench any of your Ohio or Central Michigan players this week. Then again, if you have any Ohio or Central Michigan players, you probably aren't too concerned with such things at this point in the season.