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ChinPickupGate 2006

Seems that everyone has an opinion on the latest Bob Knight fiasco and that opinion seems to be "who gives a crap" for 95% of the people out there. Don't tell ESPN that though, if it were up to them you'd be sitting in front of a row of TVs Clockwork Orange-style watching ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNNews simultanous broadcasts of the slap while listening to Colin Cowherd repeat his thoughts on the matter 47 times in 3 minutes on ESPN radio while looking it up on and calling your friend to discuss it on your ESPNMobile (if such a thing still existed).

Rightfully so, many people have taken the media (read: ESPN) to task for harping on this story ad nauseum. Confident that their ongoing goal of ruining college football is up to speed, Yahoo! Sports ripped ESPN a new ocho for thier coverage, making a good point about this whole Lloyd Carr outburst and the lack of discussion in its general direction. They even make sure they take a few general shots at The Worldwide Leader for good measure:

For a while "SportsCenter" – the overwhelmingly most powerful force in sports media – lost its way with a silly parade of sorry would-be standup comics as anchors. Now it has backed off that slightly and gone straight tabloid.

Maybe ESPN just felt like they needed to get this story out of thier system before thier wall-t0-wall nonstop coverage of whatever horse race they're broadcasting during the Ohio State-Michigan game kicks in. I might just be changing my tune on the ! (as they will now be referred to as). Perhaps ! is finding its niche as the voice of journalistic integrity in the world of sports. Then again, they've got Fantasy Football to hawk too, you know?

Source: The Big Lead