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Bowlin' In Boise

I'm sorry, but if you've been a college football fan and you live anywhere outside of the Sunshine State, the current state of Florida football has to be considered a long time coming. College football has such a deep-seated interest in maintaining the status quo, that's its usually a genuine shock when a national power slips and falls. We consider it some kind of national emergency when Nebraska has a losing season or Texas disappears from the top ten, and we scowl in the direction of any Utah or Boise State that dare take their place. Don't these Mountain Time Zone ragamuffins know the rules???

Well its my indifference to that train of thought that allows me to relish the notion that come bowl-time, 6-6 Florida State will be battling a probable 6-6 UCLA in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco and in the ultimate sign of indignation, Miami travels to the blue turf of Boise to battle national powerhouse Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl. When the sponsor of your bowl game's most notable achievement is sponsoring said bowl game, you know you've got some soul searching to do. And I hope the irony of Boise State playing in the Fiesta Bowl while the Hurricanes play on Boise's turf is not lost on you.

All of that said, I do want to give credit where credit is due to both programs. You reap what you sow and while both programs are used to considering the Gator/Citrus/Alamo tier of bowls a disappointing season, they both bucked up to play at the level deserving. I am reminded of 1996 when Notre Dame was 8-3. Considered a sub par season compared to recent one-loss and two-loss seasons, Lou Holtz and the University decided not to bother playing in a lesser bowl. Although the reasons were never really clear, the elitism of the notion never sat well with me.

I just hope the eBays don't ruin Bobby Bowden's time in San Francisco. Haven't they done enough damage???