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You're Not Even Real! You're No Orange!

It's a wonderful age we live in when at any given moment you can go to YouTube, type in a few words and find a 6 minute video that encompasses more about thr subject than you ever wanted to know.

Seems a family of Cuse fans made the trek to Cincinnati this weekend for the World's Largest Outdoor Marginally-Attended Cocktail Party. It's a slow burn so I've picked out my favorite moments:

0:59 - You can't see the fear on the faces of these two Cincinnati co-eds being followed by three grown men dressed head-to-toe in orange, but its palpable.

3:41 - "You're Not Even Real!" From a guy who's team is a walking, smiling piece of fruit.

4:27 - I couldn't possibly have a bad thing to say about "Dad." I want to bring him home, sit him down in a recliner and listen to his stories about how great Ernie Davis was. I also have to include a note about the game he describes. Not only was I there but I had snuck my mother into the student section and in the timeout previous to the game-winning play, we had this exhange.

Me: If they score here, we're storming the field.
Mom: Okay!
Mom: What does that mean?

Seconds later we were on the turf, my mom was getting a high-five from Donovan McNabb on the 20 yard line.

5:24 - I love that there's absolutely no footage or discussion about the 2nd half of the football game (which Cuse lost 17-3). I can only assume that this final scene, where our three Syracuse fans bitterly try to force down their orange-rind-flavored beer, grimacing and uttering "It's not very appetizing," is a perfectly planned and well-thought out metaphorical Third Act to the script that is what attending a 2006 Syracuse football game must be like.