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What Did We Learn?

1. All that stuff about Navy and Notre never happened. GOT IT?

2. Miami's keeping up at least one tradition from thier heyday:

The best part, as pointed out by Deadspin earlier today, is that the crazed announcer who feels "like taking the elevator down to the field and getting involved myself" is Lamar Thomas. Who? Miami-haters from the 90's will remember Lamar as the receiver that was caught on "The Strip" by Alabama's George Teague. This'll refresh your memory...

And now we learn that subsequent broadcasts of the fight will air without Lamar's play-by-play and he may find himself out of a job very soon as well. You can take a cocky WR out of The U, know how it goes.

3. The SEC should break away from the rest of college football and force the winner of the BCS championship to play thier winner in a final game. It's that good.

4. Indiana might not be as bad as we thought but after this and the Syracuse near-loss, clearly Iowa isn't as good as thought.

5. After USC gets cut down in the Oregon/Cal/Notre Dame buzzsaw, and the lack of faith that people will put into the Big East champ, ans knowing Ohio State oand also taking into consideration how weak the Big 12 is...Texas is gonna sneak back into the National Championship, aren't they???