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Welcome to the OB, Bitch

It's really easy to see why the Miami-FIU brawl happened. Let the record show that Miami didn't start looks like the finished it, but FIU certainly did the instigating. It's grow up in Southern Florida, you grow up in the late 80's and 90's and all you hear about is Miami football...the Hurricanes...The U. In high school, you football, you start to get noticed, Central Florida and South Florida pay you a visit, maybe Florida A&M even stops by to say hi. All-the-while, Miami's too busy with its own list of recruits worth looking at. You can't help but feel a little rejected...okay, a lot rejected. You end up at FIU, which we all assume means Florida International University and not Fashion Institute University, and get to play instead of riding pine at somewhere like Miami, NOT, that you wanted to play there anyway...of course.

Then, this big day comes...FIU and Miami schedule one another. Your eyes grow big. You circle the date.

This is it. Your chance to prove to the high-fallutin (spellcheck anyone?) scouts and coaches at The U that they were dead wrong about you and certainly wrong about that guy from your rival high school who they did recruit who you tackled in the big game your junior year. Furthermore, these Canes ain't the Canes you grew up with. They lose. They're beatable. They're soft.

In other words, you can pick a fight with these guys and you might actually win.

 sounded good in theory.