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A Very Compelling Matchup If We Were Playing Basketball

I've decided to tweak the weekend football pick modus operandi to just focus on Cuse and Cuse-related games with a casual glance at what else is going on in the country. It's lazy and self-serving but then again, that's the beauty of blogdom.

vs. Cincinatti
Line: Cincinatti -6.5

I have yet to spell Cincinatti correct on the first go-round but much like Tennessee and Mississippi, I'm sure I'll figure it out. So what do we know about this game and why should anyone not in the greater-Cincinnati or Central New York areas care? Honestly, you probably don't and shouldn't. That said, its a huge game for both teams. Cincy is 4-4 and Cuse is 3-5. If either have hope of going bowling, this is a must-win. Matt Glaude at AOL Sports has put way too much effort into dissecting the game, and I thank him for it. What he concludes is that as Cuse runs well, doesn't let up gobs of yardage and plays a full 60 minutes, they should win. That is, as the kids say, easier said than done.
Pick: Syracuse 19 Cincinatti 17

UConn vs. #13 Rutgers
Line: Rutgers -19

Oh, does this have all the makings of a trap game or what? Win this and Rutgers will go into a bye week in preparation for a possible matchup with undefeated Louisville on November 9th which could propel Rutgers into a game with West Virginia to decide the Big East Champion. It's all too good to be true. Still, UConn is UConn and if we were playing in Storrs I might be swayed but in the friendly confines of New Brunswick, NJ (The Bruns), Scarlet Fever is taking hold and giving the rest of the Big East the night terrors.
Pick: Rutgers 27 UConn 13

The Rest:

#2 Michigan 42 - Northwestern 14
#17 Wisconsin 24 - Illinois 20
#20 Oklahoma 31
- #22 Missouri 24

#11 Notre Dame 32
- Navy 13 (
this never happened, remember?)
#8 Auburn 27
- Ole Miss 10

#16 Boston College 48
- Buffalo 10

#9 Florida 31
- Georgia 6

#3 USC 41
- Oregon State 16

#18 Wake Forest 27 - North Carolina 3
#19 Georgia Tech 28
- Miami 27

#23 Nebraska 17
- Oklahoma State 9

#1 Ohio State 32
- Minnesota 20

#24 Oregon 47
- Portland State 21

#14 Arkansas 35
- LA Monroe 13

#6 Texas 21 - Texas Tech 6
Baylor 23
- #21 Texas A&M 21
(upset special)
#7 Tennessee 20
- South Carolina 10